Who Reads This Stuff Anyway?


One of the great things about a blog is having a select readership.  My family never comes here.  Perfect.  I can say things I don’t want them to hear, publish those things to the Web and never worry!  So, here goes.  For Christmas, I bought my wife and kids a karaoke machine.  A very popular one.  Last month I was in the Philippines.  And there, karaoke is big time.  So, I searched down the top system by the top maker and bought it.  It’s the Magic Sing ET-18000 (WOW Concerto).

Here are some of the key features:

  • Easily follow songs using the new Multiplex Function.
  • My Mic (100 customized songs)
  • Customizable Picture Background using an SD Card
  • Picture Background Themes
  • Name That Tune Game
  • Musical Notes
  • Jump Feature (Prelude/Interlude)
  • Score Board Function
  • Real Time Song Search
  • 35 feet wireless distance (open site).
  • Dual microphone base.
  • Remote control.
  • 2 wireless microphones.
  • All-In-One digital karaoke with improved picture quality and clearer vocal sounds.
  • 2,064 built-in English songs.
  • Upgradeable with 4 song chip expansion slots.
  • 17 melody instruments for background music.
  • Built-in USB Interface
  • Ability to change voice/pitch to male or female.
  • Battery charge status indicator.
  • Team game and competition functions.
  • Singing tutor function. Green color if you are too fast or too slow.
    Blue color if your pitch is too low. Red if your pitch is too high.
    Black if you are in perfect sync. * Full karaoke functions including
    adjustable key/tempo/echo.
  • 20 song reservation while in play.
  • Built-in memory for 8 minutes recordings & playback.Built-in external video background input (VCD, DVD, Video Camera).
  • Audio output mode (Amplifier or TV).

I look forward to having fun with my family and friends with this.  Just have to get them all OK with not worrying about how good or bad they think they sound.  It’s all about PARTICIPATION.  Fun just naturally follows.

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