Vote Out Obama, Save the USA


Think our $15T in US debt isn’t bad? Our debt to GDP in 2011 was estimated to be 100% in September of 2011 (by the IMF). I think we were a bit worse. It’s estimated to be 115% by 2016.  We were just over 70% when Bush was leaving office.  That was bad enough.  All this spending on WELFARE.  What do we get for that debt?

– 40% of babies being born are paid for by Medicaid.  Are babies growing up with better health and home?  HELL NO.  Are we seeing better moms and dads, HELL NO.  We sure see no dads.  ELIMINATE MEDICAID TOTALLY.  If someone is too poor to do for themselves, then WHY ARE THEY HAVING BABIES?  Poor people who have babies who can’t pay for them are CHILD ABUSERS and should be treated as such.

– Medicare is soon to be broke (due to bloated benefits). CUT IT BY 50%.

– Social Security not very secure for very long again due to bloated benefits and too many taking from the system. CUT IT BY 20%

– We have HUD and section 8 housing driving down the value of our real estate.  ELIMINATE IT ALL

No more bailouts, no more welfare, no more regulating our businesses out of business.  It’s time for us to vote in Romney and out Obama.  Romney’s not perfect, but, he’s far better than Obama and I believe a chance to right the course.

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