Upgrade to Tiger


I updated my Mac Mini this past weekend to Tiger (OS 10.4).  Wow, who would have though going from 10.3 to 10.4 would have made the machine run so much better.  I was pleased before but am even happier now.  I do hate that I had to pay $100 for the upgrade as I purchased the machine back in February.

I upgraded my 12″ PowerBook recently.  It too runs well.  But, on that machine, I’ve installed Norton Anti-Virus.  Seems these types of apps require a lot of CPU and in turn cause it to heat up.  And when that happens, the fan runs, a lot!  So, I’m running naked on the Mini and no fan.  On the PowerBook?  The fan runs a lot.  I’m going to go from 512MB of RAM to 1.25GB and see what happens.  On my 15″ PowerBook, I have 1GB of RAM and it seems the fan never runs, even with Norton.

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