The Soft and Supple Side

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OK, I’m going to talk about technology that comes right from the earth.  Shae Butter.  I use it quite a bit as I have psoriasis and have found no way to defeat it.  I’ve been to dermatologists and used all kinds ofShae_2
medications.  None have worked.  About 7 years ago, while working in Europe, I stopped by a L’Occitane in Paris (there are stores in Atlanta but had not been in one at that point.)  I decided I’d drop in as they have nice stores with lots of scents and an earthly look.  The lady working the counter saw my elbows and insisted I try their shae butter.  It’s a white paste in a round tin.  That’s it.  Crushed nuts from the Shae tree in Africa.  Best stuff in the world.  It hasn’t stopped my affliction.  But, the ugly flaky patches I have on various parts of my body are better.  I can shake hands with people without them fainting.  Just about anything there is good.  I think I’d
rather have a chain of this type, or a coffee store chain, rather than work in tech.  Great lifestyle products.

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