Skincare Technology (if there is any)


Many who know me know about my skin affliction.  Yes, it’s ugly.  No, you can’t catch it.  I have psoriasis.  It’s been around forever.  Genetic.  My brain thinks it has problems with its skin at certain parts of the body and it goes nuts overproducing new skin making for ugly patches on elbows, knees, legs, ears and more.  I’ve struggled to find an answer.  I’ve tried medications prescribed by dermatologists.  Many of these are steroids and can harm you as much as they help you.  Many are coal tar based and make you greasy and smelly.  As you may have read in an earlier post, I’ve gone natural and use essential oils from Arbonne and pure organic Shae Butter from L’Occitane.  They work OK.  But, I really want this under control.  It looks bad and doesn’t feel so great either.

While in the Philippines last week, I met a lady while working out.  She saw my skin and immediately suggested VCO or virgin coconut oil.  So, being open-minded (and being a Floridian and longing for the smell of suntan lotion), I went over to the Landmark in Makati and with a little help figured out what I should buy.  I purchased 2 bottles of VCO made by Carica (  Odd though, you can take it internally or put it on your skin (maybe even clean with it.)  This lady also relies heavily on a Chinese herbalist there and suggested I do the same.  I’m at the point where I’m willing to try these things and see what happens.

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