Salestrakr Travels to Machester


Salestrakr (me) recently used one of it’s British Airways tickets (10 business class international tickets) to go to Manchester (UK, not New Hampshire.)  We sponsored a workshop with early stage companies to discuss bootstrapping and market penetration.  Small, early stage companies seem to have all have the same problems.  Especially those companies with little to no outside funding.  We have a hard time finding new customers, finding affordable and talented software developers (who are also close by), and we sometimes ignore other small companies around us who could be our best way to beat Goliath.

It costs money to get “out there”.  Sure, we use Skype, email, inexpensive broadband connections, easy to find and free WiFi and of course, blogging and twitter to get “out there”.  It’s the “face to face” out there that costs money.  Thanks to a British Airways’ “Face to Face” Opportunity Grant to Salestrakr, we were able to go to the UK (Club World) and discuss ways to expand business there and in other parts of the world.  Further, we met with customers in London.  We found out what features they desire and as well learned a bit more about their businesses.  Salestrakr further explored how it could integrate with Edocr, an online document storage and distribution service.

See the video below:


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