Pressure Washer on my Driveway


Last week I purchased a Husky electric pressure washer.  It was only $99.  To rent a gasoline engine pressure washer costs this much.  Sure, these rentals have many more PSI than my electric one (1500).  But, my electric one won't break the concrete apart.  

Now that I've finished the driveway and the walkway to the front door, I got to thinking.  How nice it would be to have the driveway my grandparents had.  It was just oyster shells.  When my grandfather or grandmother pulled into the driveway, you'd hear this crushing sound.  The dogs got excited and so did the grandkids. WOW, I sure miss that.  It was SOOOOO real.  If you needed more shells, you just drove out to Mayport and took them off of someone.  OK, it hurt to walk on the driveway barefoot.  So, we wore shoes.

I also remember that the asphalt on our streets had shells mixed in to bulk up the asphalt.  Here in Georgia, we have rocks.  It was so fun on a hot summer day to find sharks' teeth in the street!

We even had dirt roads around my house up to the early 70's  Where are the shell driveways, the dirt roads and the use of sea shells in our roads?  What do kids do on a hot, boring summer day?

Oh well, back to pressure washing!

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