Not A Peep For the Really Persecuted


Yesterday I read a piece (and viewed the video) on CNN about a church in Gainesville, FL who plans a koran burning.  Amazing here is how STUPID Rick Sanchez is at CNN.  First, he doesn’t know islam.  Second, he doesn’t appear to understand the American principle of “freedom of speech”.  Finally, who cares if there are a “trillion” muslims.  Wrong is wrong.  PERIOD.

Note, I spell “koran” the English way and I intentionally do not capitalize it.  So, you can already guess how I feel about the koran and islam.  I don’t base these feelings on some 9/11 rage.  I’m not “racist”.  And as you may or may not know.  ISLAM ISN’T A RACE.  It’s a belief system.  And if you’ve read the book, the koran, and you’ve studied the “religioin” and it’s origins and it’s path through history, then you know it’s an evil and hateful ideology.  It’s about death and killing.  It’s about hate and conquest.  It’s about legalization of rape and theft.  It’s about 2nd class status for women and non-believers.  And ultimately, it’s about the extermination of those non-believers.  Speaking out about a hate group and hate ideology isn’t…………preaching hate.

I don’t want my church to waste time burning anything, including korans.  But, I am for expressing truth.  I think it’s OK to speak out against evil.  Whether that evil is the nazi party, the KKK or islam.  I think mein kampf and the koran aren’t worth the paper upon which they are printed.

Maybe Rick Sanchez should report on these stories about Christian persecution.  In the last 9 years since 9/11, not a peep from the mainstream media.  Not a peep from our government.  Barak HUSSEIN Obama doesn’t care a bit.

 – Christian Nursing Student Nearly Dies from Assault in Pakistan

 – Record number of anti-Christian attacks in 2010 (Indonesia)

Uzbekistan:  Authorities Crack Down

 – Muslim Mob Kills Wife, Children of Christian in Pakistan

 – Missionary trio leave Aceh after anger at baptisms

 – Masked gunmen shoot down two pastors in Pakistan

 – Christian activists arrested in Dearborn just for showing up at Arab Festival

Pastor Killed by Gunman in Dagestan

Nigeria: Muslims with machetes kill priest’s family and set fire to his church


Iran Pastor Facing Execution

Punjab soup kitchen forbidden to Christians

It goes on and on and on.  And all CNN and Obama and the rest of the leftist democrats are worried about is saving the UAW (GM bailout), letting in more illegal democrats (aliens), running up debt to our eventual bankruptcy, using convoluted parliamentary procedures to put in place a healthcare tax that is unconstitutional and then using that borrowed money to defend the lawsuits claiming they have the right to tax (when before the bill was “passed”, they stated it was not a tax) and more.  While Christians are persecuted around the world.  Without a peep.

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