New Computer


Just got a new computer for work (EarthLink). A new 15″ PowerBook G4. 1GB of RAM, 100GB HD, Bluetooth, 802.11G, Superdrive (only Apple people know what this is). Great machine. Too bad though the rest of the world will keep buying a Dell or HP running Windows. Windows is fine. But, given what most people want to do with their PC, the Mac is a much better device. And about the same price. Funny how people flock to the iPod and don’t yet flock to the computers. Perhaps though the youth who are buying iPods now will see no problem with converting.

I personally bought my first 3 Apple products back in January and February. I purchased a PowerBook G4 12″ (with similar specs to this one), a Mac Mini (w/ the Superdrive, faster CPU, Bluetooth and Bluetooth keyboard and mouse) and an iPod Photo. Their great. I still go to my fast Sony Vaio running XP Pro and do some things. However, Microsoft has, in my opinion, real competition (and so does Dell and HP).

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