Net Nanny Out of Control


I’m sitting at a Panera Bread in Midtown/Buckhead Atlanta.  I was looking at Twitter posts by a buddy and saw a “tinyurl” link in it.  Now, given that this buddy works at Georgia Tech and doesn’t want to jeopardize his post, and that he’s a “tech” guy (school and professions), odds are there won’t be any porn or violence in his post or associated link.  A tinyurl shortens a long one into a short one.  Sure, it does obfuscate what is behind that tinyurl, but, hey, not all things “hidden” are bad.

Anyway, I recieved this when I clicked the URL in the post:

Sure, I’m getting free wifi.  So, they make the rules.  But, I’m really sick of the folks who are so worried that a naked picture might appear.  The typical response by management is, well, typical.  They’ll say it’s not their aversion to nudity but their aversion to being sued.  Bull.  Some prude in management or on the board has decided that their sanitized version of the world is correct.

Oh well, don’t try to read any links to pithy tech articles at Panera which, due to length of said URL, have been shortened to a “tinyurl”.  To SonidWALL, it’s porn!

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