Medical Technology


Well, today I woke up and lo and behold, I felt normal again.  The neurosurgeon who took care of me had said that at about 1 month out, I would all of a sudden feel close to normal.  Well, that just happened.  Sure, I was driving about 7 days after my fall.  But, I didn’t feel right.  Concussions traumatize the brain which also affect all other parts of the body.  Surgery also causes interruptions in nerves and blood vessels and the elasticity of the skin.  Not to mention the shock I felt when I saw my head shaved!

But, and I’m not trying to brag or be political, the US has the best health care system in the world.  We have the best and latest technology (developed and used here), the best logistics and even the best systems for handling the finances around health care.  Sure, we like to beat ourselves up on issues and problems we have because we always want to be better.  But, let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater.

Our system saved my life and I will only be left with a scar that isn’t so pretty.  The EMTs, the doctors, the nurses and the administrators knew what to do, did it and have ensured that my little slip and fall will be a good talking point for years to come.  If I had been in a country with universal health care, I may have received a prescription for antibiotics quickly.  But that’s about it.  Brits and Canadians come here when they need something important.  Universal health care is all about power.  The government taking over an industry so they can continue to do what they don’t do best, manage a business for money and power.  The Canadians are going our way.  The British have a dual system and most folks there I know want private health care.  Can you believe we have one presidential candidate who advocates these failed systems?  And people want to vote for him because of that?  That’s a welfare, entitlement mentality.  In the US, nobody goes without getting the same care I received with insurance.  Sure, John Q was a moving movie and I like Denzel Washington (great actor).  But, this is only a movie.  If you are shot in a drive by in downtown Atlanta and are taken to Grady Hospital, you get treated.  Money is worried about later.  So, we have our own way to ensure people are treated.  In the US, 45 million people are self-insured, with systems to ensure really critical problems are treated, sometimes at no cost.  Not bad I say. 

Anyway, our system saved my life and made me whole.  And this same system saves many every day.  No way I want a “community organizer” who follows a racist “preacher”, advocates capitulation to evil, wants to raise taxes and most of all, wants to gut the best health system on the planet….no way I want this person to be my chief executive.  I don’t want “change” for the worse.  I don’t want change for change’s sake.

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