Local Ad Production


There’s a cool new company out there for those small to medium size businesses who want to create an ad and put it on local television.  Spot Runner let’s you choose a professionally shot video wtih professional voice over and merely place your business name in the script.  At the end you can put your business contact info.  And you can deliver a logo that’s put throughout the video in appropriate spots.  Then the company allows you to place that video directly into cable networks and their available local advertising space.  Just like PointWare (a product my neighbor and I had built), you end up with a production that would normally take a lot of time and money.  Only these guys only change the voiceover and do that custom each time.  The result is great.  PointWare, altered for this approach, would become much simpler.  Further, this type of move is good for digital signage too.

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