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12 Million Plus Illegal Aliens

The US House of Representatives are now deep in debate over how to reform the United States immigration laws and processes.  We do have massive problems with immigration our country.  We have between 12MM and 20MM illegal aliens in this country.  They are here ILLEGALLY, period.  It doesn’t matter what benefit they are to our society, or not.  They are breaking our laws.  Even more importantly, the infrastructure to keep more illegals from coming to the US are inadequate.  This all comes at a time that we have worries about 1.) terrorists entering the country and 2.) our deteriorating finances at federal, state and local levels.  As the federal government has become more generous with a limited amount of funds causing us to borrow money we can ill afford to borrow, as they create laws that say we cannot turn away people requesting healthcare, as they say we can’t ask for ID to determine if someone can legally vote, we can ill afford for them to be here in the first place.  They have to go and they have to go now.  As border states look to do what the feds won’t do, the feds are stopping those states preferring instead to have the problem (and if this bill goes through, new voters.)  In fact, our federal overlords wanted to enact the “Dream Act’ that enables children of illegal aliens to not only stay but receive the educational benefits that citizens receive.  These children should have been sent back home with their illegal alien parents.  Just because they weren’t sent back then doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be sent back now.  In fact, now they REALLY should be sent back now as they’ve taken US assets (schooling for example) illegally.

Not all illegals are equal though.  Some of the $12MM are students who haven’t yet renewed their educational visa and are doing what they are supposed to do, go to the exact US university they said they were going to on their visa application.  Some have come here on a visitor visa and haven’t gone back home when they were supposed to.  They need to be sent back and warned not to do that again.  Some  have sneaked across the border from Canada or Mexico and never entered legally.  Some though came here illegally with their parents and have grown up here (still illegal though).  Some have been smuggled on freight ships from many locations.  Perhaps we should categorize law breakers as to the severity of their law breaking.  This will help when they apply for visas in the future.

Comprehensive immigration reform has 2 parts.  1.) We need to process these illegal aliens out as fast as possible and 2.) we need to better manage how people enter or don’t enter the US.  This rush to create new laws though is really about something different.  It’s about elections in the short term.  Politicians, mostly Democrat, but some Republican are interested in giving amnesty to illegals, mostly Hispanic, as they believe it will deliver votes from existing Hispanics and ultimately result in electoral gains in the future.  For Democrats, this is definitely true.  For Republicans, there is nothing to gain.  Reagan signed an amnesty bill in the 80s and all the US gained was more Democrat voters and fiscal deficits as these folks take more than they give.  And if we succumb to these efforts again, we’ll really lose.  According to the Heritage Foundation, newly legalized illegals will cost the Federal government $9.4 trillion while only adding back $3.1 trillion in taxes (over their lifetime) for a net loss of $6.3 trillion.  With the Federal government already $17 trillion in debt and adding $1.5 trillion per year, we can’t afford this type of increased financial strain.  Nor can we afford to take in those who can’t assimilate or add to our country in ways other than economic.

But, there are other things to be concerned about.  Many of the illegals we have now are from “incompatible” cultures.  It’s not politically correct to say, but, islam isn’t compatible with anything but islam (assuming they are all Sunni or all Shia).  And even in islamic countries, with Shariah law, citizens suffer with no rights to disagree with their masters.  Unfortunately though, adherents to islam who have come to the US to escape that persecution come here wanting the system from which they escaped.  Perhaps we can consider allowing persecuted Christians, Baha’i and apostates from islam who desire to be free and agree to freedom for others.

Also, this type of amnesty will just embolden those in other countries to go ahead and cross our borders illegally.  The immigration bill before congress is very weak on border protection.  Most of our politicians have no interest in building walls or in hiring border patrol agents.  Further, our politicians have no plans to empower these agents to stop illegals using deadly force.  We need protections today and we’ll need them in the future.

We need to right away create a 2 page bill that deports all illegals.  The bill also should call for and fund COMPLETE border protection.  Next, it should lay out who we want and who we don’t want.  On this point, we should categorize people based on where they live today.  Those countries that match the US in levels of freedom should be high on the list (freedom of and from religion, freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, the rule of law, freedom of association, freedom of movement.)  There are very few countries that meet this high standard.  Even the UK and Australia have seem freedoms restricted.  But, they are closer to our ways than most others.  Germany should be high on the list.  As should Japan.  However, we should also consider what the rules are in other countries regarding allowing Americans to move to those countries.  Can Americans go there to live?  Can Americans buy real estate there?  Can Americans buy and build businesses there without restriction?  Can Americans ever become citizens of those countries?  Mexico for example restricts Americans from buying real estate, starting and owning businesses and from becoming a full citizen.  These should cause us to highly restrict Mexicans’ ability to live and work in the US.

Saudi Arabia discriminates against women, Jews, Christians and many others.  No non-muslim can travel to Mecca.  Visitor visas for non-muslims are near non-existent.  Saudi Arabia and almost all “muslim/islamic” countries should be at the bottom of our list.

Now is the time for the House of Representatives to take a stand.  We need a simple bill to start.  It should state that illegal aliens in the US are breaking our laws and the US government will begin their deportation immediately.  Period.  Next, the bill should authorize the create of a complete border protection system that includes fences, guard posts, many more border guards (taken away perhaps from the planned IRS hires around Obamacare) and rules for TSA, ICE and local officials that make it much easier to catch suspected illegals (yes, profiling).  And we also need to make it a crime to knowingly hire illegal aliens.  Employers should perform a certain amount of due diligence to ensure new hires have the right to work in the US.

Only after the task above should we move to streamline legal immigration.  This legislation should eliminate though the ability to sponsor new immigrants.  If we grant you a visa to come here and work, that’s what you’re here for.  Agricultural and migrant workers should not be allowed to bring their families.  If you are allowed to bring children, you should have to have significant resources back home indicating your readiness to leave after your work is done in the US.  People convicted of severe crimes back home should be barred entry.  People who are of certain character and want to be considered for citizenship down the road should be required to invest a certain amount of money in the US.  There are many more requirements we should have.  We though need to consider the US and what the short-term, long-term and perhaps permanent visitor (even future citizen) brings to us.

Put pressure on your congressmen to kill the current immigration bill being debated.  Let’s ensure we have immigrants to the US who are a net positive to our culture and to our finances.

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