Kid to Patriarch


This coming Monday would have been my father’s 79th birthday.  Just 1 year from 80.  I guess he really was getting OLD.  This coming Tuesday, my grandmother would have turned 95.  And my grandfather would have already turned 97.  Next month my mother turns 76.  And that makes me……….old too?  Yep, I turn 50 in January.  I guess, in the eyes of children and young adults, I am “old”.  I just doesn’t feel that way though.  I’m in good health, enjoy life and work and look forward to the next day.  I feel “young”.  But, here are the things in our modern society that cause us to thnk and feel old:

– Rules/laws.  You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a law or rule.  On the road, at the workplace, in the classroom.  We need to elect state and federal representatives who are set on eliminating those laws that attempt to socially engineer us into a straight jacket.  We don’t need the current IRS code.  We don’t need Obamacare’s labyrinth of turns and curves (and associated cost).  Kids need to be free, even 50 year old kids.  And we can’t be in an overly engineered society.

– Large workplaces.  In our younger years, our largest organization was our football team, our band, our neighborhood.  Now we have companies with 100000 employees.  We need to be in small businesses where we can get back that neighborhood baseball team feel.  Where we can be close to the coach/owner.

– Fiscally unsound government.  When we were kids, our parents made sure the bills were paid, the roof didn’t leak, the food was in the pantry and that we got to church on time.  Basic things that allowed us to be able to play and grow.  Our government(s) today spend more than they take in and need to tax and borrow more just to build power for those who don’t care about being kids.  How can we be kids when our government can’t provide the basics anymore?  No, we don’t want them providing our food and shelter.  But, we do want them to provide security and protect our freedoms.  Seems they don’t do well at those and as well put in Rules (see above) that hinder freedom.  We need to right their financial path and limit their ability to do harm.  A sound government will us to focus on more important things.  Such as enjoying life.

Yes, I’m now the patriarch of my family.  The oldest male.  I want to do all those things that keep my children feeling safe and loved.  So they can enjoy being children.  But, I too want to continue feeling young.  Guess I should turn off the news, turn up the music and revel in the fact that I am able to pay the bills working in small businesses where I can be offensive, funny, inappropriate at times, hard working and even bring beer into the office while using the phone for personal matters.  Yep, all that should keep that patriarch status in check!


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