I am a “Tenther”, Thank You Very Much!


Yep, that’s what I am.  According to the AFL-CIO.  They even say I’m “cultish”.  Listening to Boortz this morning in between cold calls, I learned of this blog post at the AFL-CIO web site:  http://bit.ly/cHLUNa.  Why am I a tenther and cultist according to them?  Because I believe in the constitution.  Specifically, I believe in the 10th Amendment to the Constitution that says that powers not granted to the federal government nor prohibited to the states by the Constitution of the United States are reserved to the states and/or the people.  In other words, power to the people.  WE control the constitution and it controls what the federal government can do.  Anything not specifically granted to the government in the constitution is reserved by the people.  That is, the government is prohibited from doing anything not specifically granted by the constitution.

Why is this even coming up?  Well, for 100 years, our Federal government has been acting in ways that are not constitutional.  That is, they have been acting in areas that are specifically reserved by the people and states.  According to the AFL-CIO, any belief that our government has acted that way means we want to send children to work in mines (see the picture in the blog post.)  The AFL-CIO believes that because the constitution grants the federal government the job of providing for the “General Welfare” of the country, and they think that means it provides “welfare payments” to all they see fit to send them to.  And it means they can have a rule for everything.  If you’re opposed to Medicaid, the Department of Education and more useless welfare agencies, they you’re a cultist.  Or, a Tenther!

Here are some recent news stories that show just how far our Federal government and even our state governments have gone in their drive to control everything:

Michigan Woman Faces Civil Rights Complaint for Seeking a Christian Roommate.  It seems this is discriminatory.  Well, only if you state it.  If you don’t say anything, it’s cool!  What?  BTW, she posted this at a church.  Seems another person turned her in to the Federal overlords.

Park Twp. Manager Jerry Felix closes Smitty’s Pronto Pup for violation of ordinance.  It seems Smitty’s sold doughnuts and that wasn’t permitted.  More “Fark” hillarity from Michigan. 

Tax officer busts kids pumpkin sales.  The kids didn’t have the right “licenses/permits”. Forget lemonade in the future too!

The Federal drive for power has even infected us at the state level.

We all already know about the “health care” bill.  In that bill, which doesn’t do squat for healthcare, we have rules for requiring businesses to send out 1099s to all vendors they’ve spent more than $600 with in a given year.  Also in that bill was a takeover of all student loans.  Nice!  And EVIL! Then there is the requirement that we buy health insurance or pay a fine.  Simultaneously, they have for years kept real reform of the industry at bay because THEY set strange and onerous rules that restricted commerce.  Now they create a new plan because of the outcomes of that restriction to commerce?  And again, it just looks like government takeover and a reason to tax and control?

Now it’s being discussed in Congress how they can take our 401Ks and IRAs and give us in return some crappy promise to fund us in the future.

Don’t like the federal government taking powers they are prohibited from having?  Vote all incumbants out.  Demand that all new representatives repeal all the bills passed by Congress since 2007.  Demand the end of most entitlements including Medicaid.  Demand that ONLY those over 65 and who’ve met the 40 quarter requirement get any Social Security.  Demand that Medicare be a restrictive program for only those that have paid in and are over 65.  Demand that we immediately spend no more than we take in.  Demand that we move to the FairTax.

Become a Tenther.  I think it’s a very cool cult in which to belong!


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