How can it get even easier?


I’ve been part of the software world now for 26 years.  And things just keep getting better, faster and cheaper (pick any or all.)  I do though wonder why some things aren’t yet there.  For example, I need a billing solution that 1.) allows for recurring billing of a set amount, 2.) allows for the collection of hours and then bills a customer an amount equal to hours time a rate and then 3.) allows me to bill for a one time event.  Most accounting and billing/invoicing applications can do these these things.  However, getting those invoices turned in to credit card swipes isn’t so easy.  We can’ t keep credit cards on file as we don’t have a “PCI compliant” way to do so.  Nor do we want to over inconvenience our customers.

It seems that only the biggest companies can easily keep a billing card on record in a way that is considered safe yet easy for the consumer.  Apple for example.

Innovation is the key.  If we want to run faster, we better either buy or build better shoes.

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