Hey Georgia, Want Your Economy To Look Like Michigan’s?


Seems the Georgia legislature (and even the Governor) have had enough of a booming economy.  Phooey to growth.  Phooey to entrepreneurship.  To heck with attracting the best minds.  We all know the best and brightest can’t be, and won’t be, put in an economic box.  This is why they go to California, and in the recent past, Georgia.  We are, today, and have been, a right-to-work state.  We limit the growth of unions and we also don’t allow for restrictive employment contracts.  You can’t put someone under an onerous non-compete agreement in Georgia.  People have a right to do what they do for economic gain.  Hooray!

Well, while we’ve been trying to survive the dismal failure called Obama and the democratic party, the Georgia legislature passed House Bill 173 (HB 173) in 2009.  This bill allows for strict enforcement of non-competition clauses in employment (and non-solicitation) even if those clauses keep a person from making a living.  However, this goes against the Georgia constitution which ensures commerce (and people/labor) isn’t restricted or restrained.

So, now we, the populace, must allow for a change in the constitution so HB 173 can pass.  But, why would we do this?  Why do we want big companies to restrict employees from leaving if they have a better deal or a great idea?  So big companies can keep their pay lower and restrict new start-ups?  So competition is restricted?  Why would talent want to be in Georgia?  Why would they not rather be in California?

So, get this.  On the sample ballot, our “dear leaders” labeled the choice this way:

Allows competitive contracts to be enforced in Georgia courts.
House Resolution No. 178 Ga. L. 2010, p. 1260

“Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended so as to make Georgia more economically competitive by authorizing legislation to uphold reasonable competitive agreements?”


Competitive?  What a scam.  That’s like saying the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) is Democratic and a Republic and for the people. 

The answer for this can only be NO.  Further, we need to encourage a shunning of the following people who sponsored this bill/resolution:

Kevin Levitas
Joe Wilkinson
Mike Coan
John Lunsford
Butch Parrish
Richard Smith
Bill Cowsert

Get the word out. We can remain competitive or we can become the next Michigan.  Anyone want to turn Alpharetta into Flint?

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