Guys Who Massively Generate Debt Create Debt Panel


Have you read this?:

Is our president the stupidest guy on the planet?  He generates massive debt for all kinds of wasteful spending.  He funnels money to unions and cronies.  He says we need to lower spending now on everything BUT Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare and national security.  What?

First, he has spent in 1 year an EXTRA trillion plus dollars on all kinds of useless projects that WEREN’T Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare and national security spending (they call these mandatory expenditures.)  Non-mandatory expenditures were already out of control.  He took it to an unimaginable level.  Now, he needs to create ANOTHER bureaucracy to tell him that he has created too much bureaucracy?  Either he is stupid or is damned set on running our country into the ground.  We should throw out his budget and go to pre-Bush era levels of spending on “non-manadatory” expenditures.

Second, THERE SHOULD BE NO EXPENDITURES THAT ARE CONSIDERED MANDATORY.  If we need to cut, we need to cut.  That should include Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare and national security expenditures.  It should even include federal pensions.  We need to cut back Social Security by 50%, Medicare by 50%, and eliminate Medicaid.  How can we do this.  Well, benefits need to be lower.  We need to cut fraud.  We need to eliminate benefits for those less than 65 (PERIOD), we need to eliminate child and spouse Social Security benefirts benefits

And what should we do to “stimulate” the economy?  We should force the federal government to get out of the way.  The Fairtax should be implemented immediately.  We should treat trading partners who do us harm in a way that turns the harm back on them.  Many of the silly regulations that constrain business should be put to rest.  We need to take our country back from the federal government and make it great.

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