Fly British Airways


I live in Atlanta.  And I do like and support Delta Airlines.  BUT, I have a special great feeling for British Airways (BA).  I flew them for years when I was working in London.  They were always a bit more special than other airlines.  The flight attendants were always a bit more concerned about my comfort.  The service always a bit more “timely” and cultured.  Their planes were always cleaner.  They were early with the 777 (a great plane.)

But, 2 things lately have made them a GREAT airline in my mind.  First, BA granted my company, Salestrakr, a “Business Opportunity Grant”.  10 round-trip tickets, to anywhere in the world, business class.  5 Regus Gold cards.  Canon office equipment.  $1K in Marriott stays.  And more.  I just finished a trip to Sydney from Atlanta.  WOW.  I head to London in July.  And there will be more.  Again, WOW.

On the way back from the trip to Sydney on the approach to Atlanta, we were told a thunderstorm had shut down the airport.  So, we were re-routed to Charlotte.  But, Charlotte was closed.  So, we were again re-routed to Orlando.  DAMN.  We landed in Orlando at 10pm on a Friday (when we were supposed to land in Atlanta at 7pm.)  After getting my bags, I headed to the ticket counter.  It was there I found out we were going to be put up in a hotel and then taken on to Atlanta on the following day.  At 4pm.  EEEK.  So, I rented a car and drove to Atlanta (8 hours.)  Luckily, 2 guys I met in the plane rode with me making the trip not so boring.  The car cost me $114.  But, I didn’t care, I was home.

I decided to call BA Customer Relations and ask them if they would reimburse me for that $114.  I did save them a hotel room (3 actually since I had 2 other passengers with me.)  I saved them food and sundries costs too.  The Customer Relations agent said they would.  I needed to fax them the receipt they’d take it from there.  Yesterday, the check was in my mailbox.


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