Damn, that’s fast!


I sent off my MacBook Pro this past week to Apple to be repaired.  I purchased this machine in the spring.  Somehow, I needed to have the "top case" and the keyboard replaced.  Apple sent out a box to me with instructions on how to pack my Mac for shipping.  On Monday, I set out to DHL to drop off the box.  Before I exited my neighborhood, I saw a yellow DHL van go by.  I chased the van and driver down and sure enough, it was the guy who delivered the box earlier.  I handed him the package and off it went.  The next day, election day, it was in Houston ready to be repaired.  It was repaired on Wednesday and shipped.  On Thursday, it was brought to my front door.  And my machine is like new again.  AMAZING.  I'm glad I bought the full 3 year warranty called AppleCare. 

Now I have to plan on how I can take best advantage of my new MacBook.  I think I'll give it to my son as he heads off to Georgia Southern next fall.  He's using my older PowerBook G4 12" and it's still a kickin' machine.  But, the new MacBook has a web cam and I'm sure we'll want to be able to see him while he's off at school.

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