Cheers to Technology Not Yet Here


I just read an update on Tiffany Kellman.  I don’t know her.  But, she goes to my church and has had a really rough start to her young life.  A little over a year ago, at 23, right before her wedding, she found a bleeding mole on her back.  Her doctor took it off, tested it and determined that it was cancerous.  She got back from her honeymoon and went into chemotherapy.  Well, now she’s in really bad shape.  Please read her story at

So, we can now get 2 trillion barrels of oil from shale out west.  We can look for ice on Mars.  Barak HUSSEIN Obama (yeah, it’s there to scare people and they should be scared) will give us universal healthcare (a complete failure worldwide) but not a freakin’ peep about curing cancer.  Oh, MADD will make sure we keep drunk drivers off the road.  NAACP will make sure that our every burp is racism.  And CAIR will make sure that free speech doesn’t go so far as to expose the islamic curse on this earth.  But solving cancer?  NOBODY IS REALLY DOING ANYTHING NOR SEEMS TO CARE.

If we solve cancer, we’ll not only save lives but we’ll have achieved a level of depth in medicine that will advance our successes around AIDS and heck, the FLU.  But, there doesn’t seem to be any funding out there for this.  Is capitalism paying attention?  I wish we as a people could attack certain big things with a passion.  Shale oil?  That’s something to charge into.  For money and for sticking it to the bastards in the middle east.  Iran?  Bomb the heck out of them, no Marshall plan and let all others in the region know, THERE BETTER BE CHURCHES POPPING UP ALL OVER THE PLACE WITH NO INTERFERENCE OR YOU’LL BE BOMBED NEXT.  DDT?  Screw the UN.  We should be helping poor Africans get rid of malaria the best way we know how.  The lefties have already killed 50MM of them through the DDT ban (thanks African Americans for your support of the Democratic party).  Make it, spray it. 

OK, this is a hard issue.  Nobody wants more government (stepping into this problem).  But, can’t we better utilize the funding going on right now?  At universities, at the CDC, at DOH?  What if our economic decisions (around taxation, fair trade and so forth) helped us have no debt and budget surpluses?  Then we’d have money for these things.  NO, we don’t kill military spending to do this.  And no, we don’t raise taxes.  We quit stupid pork barrel and welfare waste.  We move away from income taxation.  We don’t continue to allow ourselves to be cheated in trade (even if our own business people are part of the equation.)  We either get lower fuel costs or we just take it (yes, I said it, and I don’t care if anyone thinks it’s imperialistic.)  We should not allow 1 person, 1 vote.  We should limit democracy.  We should not allow majority rule (also known as mob rule.)  Perhaps we need to all go read a little Thomas Jefferson.  We need to allow our best minds to lead the country to also lead the world.  That means not allowing the populace, who acts on whims and fads, to determine specific courses of action.  Representative government means that we elect smart people who in turn steer the country.  We, the populace, don’t own each and every move by our governments.  Those smarter people are better able to look at these key issues and make the calls on our behalf. 

Oh well, just some ranting.  I guess I want technology that just isn’t here yet.

I guess this hits home now.  I found a growth on my back a few weeks ago.  Turns out it was nothing.  But, now I’m tuned into the problem a bit more. 

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