Argh, Another Mobile Phone Letdown


My Blackberry Pearl (8100) has been a trusty friend for over 2 years.  I purchased it in early 2006 when I purchased a 2006 BMW which had the Bluetooth option.  It worked great.  And the Pearl was a “pearl”.  However, I’ve had typing problems with it starting 3 weeks ago.  I do carry it in my pocket and bang it around.  Probably just time to get a new phone.  I’m rough on them.  So, I didn’t want to switch from T-Mobile to AT&T just to get an iPhone.  I decided to just get a new and improved phone from T-Mobile.  I bought the Blackberry Pearl 8120.  Same as the old Pearl but with a nicer keyboard and Wifi.  Cool, I’ll do VOIP on it.  Or maybe not.  I’ve tried all of the Skype schemes.  They aren’t Skype.  I’ve tried Gizmo’s client.  Won’t use the WIfi connection.  So, what I get with Wifi is faster web browsing.  Whoppeee.  Oh, it does have a 2MP camera (versus the older 1.3) and video capturing.  And the MicroSD slot is reachable without removing the back.  But, Wifi, not really a usable feature yet.

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