Another Phone to Test


I’m really bummed.  I broke my Nokia E61 last week.  I just dropped it and the LCD will no longer display anything.  I’ve sent it off to some place in Tampa to have it fixed.  But, I’m not sure they are legit.  I may not see the phone again.  The SIP/VOIP on the phone works great.  I used it to call to the U.S. free the last few weeks while in Cebu and Manila in The Philippines (and even at the Incheon/Seoul airport.)

I would have sent the phone to Nokia in the U.S. to fix it.  BUT, I bought it on Ebay.  Turns out the destination country for the phone is Nigeria.  Nokia USA won’t fix it.  ARGHHHH.

So, to keep VOIPing, I just purchased the new Nokia N95.  This is a U.S. destined phone.  Unlocked and not even showing on the Nokia USA site yet.  It is quad band, Wifi (b/g), has a SIP client, a 5MP digital camera, FM radio, plays ever type of digital audio file, records high quality video, supports 2GB MicroSD cards, and on and on and on.  And it looks good!  Oh yeah.  GPS.  What will I do with my Tom Tom?

This phone is beautiful.  Costly though.  I CANNOT break this one.  I was going to wait for an unlocked iPhone.  But, there won’t be one for a while.  And, it’s already behind this Nokia.  I am an Apple nut.  But, they are missing the boat with the iPhone.

Go check out the N95 here.,n95

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